Indus C & I

Indus Commission and Incentives System (C&I) is a feature-rich standalone product which facilitates automated commission and incentive calculation for external agencies and internal entities within the business. The solution supports end to end commission and incentive calculation for multiple entities and also supports relevant tax deductions and compliance. The C&I is a ready fit or the high volume Banking, Telecom and Insurance industries as it helps clients define and associate different plans for sales channels, agencies, collectors based on the region, segment, portfolio and many other parameters. 


Key Features:

  • Supports one time or recurring incentives commission with claw back
  • Supports target based commissions and target setup
  • Supports multiple incentive calculation plans
  • Ability to define multiple entities association of appropriate plans and schemes
  • Ability to verify and correct schemes calculations
  • Facility to make Manual and Bulk adjustment at Agency level
  • Supports resolution of disputed payments
  • Supports payments with maker-checker facility and tax related calculations








Customer Success

Large Telco Middle East

The newest and the most advanced telecom operator in the middle east having a comprehensive retail and enterprise portfolio with…


Indus gave us the required solution to expand and streamline our commission and incentive operations which has helped us build a long-term alliance with our partners. I’m sure we will...read more