i-CAS ( Indus Credit Actions System )

iCAS (Indus Credit Action System) is a web based solution designed to help telcos acquire customers by automating the  customer evaluation process. The system provides interfacing capability with any core system and provides features like de-dupe, scoring and validations which improve business efficiency, accuracy and compliance for application processing. The build in risk engine helps maintain consistent policies compliance while application processing.

A highly parameterized solution iCAS provides multi-location, multi-lingual, multi-product deployment capability with high level of automation and speed in processing applications.


Key Features:

  • Supports application processing for individual as well as corporate customers
  • Flexible rule engine to provide end user configuration of risk policies.
  • Rule based credit evaluation to provide internal validations, scoring and de-dup check
  • Transaction level view for troubleshooting, admin or audits
  • Levels of recommendation available for approvals
  • Apply Segment wise scoring across user configurable Decision keys
  • Apply Segment wise application recommendation to various user authorities
  • Implement consistent, auditable policies
  • Continuously refine scorecards across multiple versions
  • Match new applications against multiple databases
  • Configure de-dup rules based on combination of multiple parameters
  • Score applications, accounts or customers to manage better



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