Group Loans

Digital customer acquisition capability with innovative design and flexibility for both Group loans and individual Micro Loans. Covers complete customer life cycle with loan management and collections capability in a to deliver efficient customer service with resource optimization



Customer biometric E-KYC authentication capability.

Evaluation & Support

Supports group creation and evaluation of group members.


Fund sub products like Insurance along with the loans at a borrower level.

Bureau Interfacing

Ready Interface with credit bureaus.


Mobility app supporting customer acquisition and collections capability.

Loan Products

Supports porcessing of Micro Credit and Group Loans.

Repayment Frequency

Capability to accept group repayments based on repayment frequency.

Core Products


Micro Finance Origination

Process Group Loans &
Micro Credit Applications...

Loan Management System

Complete Customer Servicing &
Account Management Capability...

Indus Collections

Completely Automated
Debt Management Capability...

Add On Modules

Mobility Originations

Powerful Mobility Solution
to help Acquire Customers with Ease...

Mobility Collections

Mobility Collections Capability
with Robust Compliance...

Lead Mangement

Manage Prospect Engagement &


Web-Based Digitization and Workflow
Management system...

Leading Private Bank India

A new age fast growing private bank in India,  Indus successfully implemented its full scale lending solutions for customer acquisition and management for Retail, SME and Corporate business...read more


Congratulations to all the members who have helped launch our first product in the market. We want to thank the entire Indus team for their flexibility and extremely positive approach of project management.